Here at Suvak we are always looking for ways to stay fit and eat correctly, while keeping your body in tip top condition. Just avoiding some basic dieting and fitness mistakes you can increase your productivity and speed up your metabolism.

You will find many tips and tricks that will get you in shape and eating the correct foods, But being healthy and active will always add to the mix. We have many different ideas and techniques available in the update section above.

Save Some Calories Each Day By eating correctly

Saving calories also means cutting your calorie intake. When you successfully limit the calories you eat, you can stop gaining weight and start losing some. The food you eat is reflected by your body. If you eat wrong, they will show up on areas that they ought not to, but if you are smart enough to take in just enough calories a day, you do not have anything to worry about.

fitness mishapsThe following are some calorie-saving strategies you can carry out:

  • Greek yogurt is always a good substitute for mayonnaise. If you are making a tuna salad or any sandwich spread with a mayonnaise base, you can cut the calories in half by using yogurt. You do not have to worry about it tasting or feeling different because it gives the same creaminess and texture.
  • Take the milk out of your coffee. Coffee is great but the big problem with it is that it can be quite fattening especially because of the sugar and the milk added in. Instead of using milk, however, you can try to take that out of your coffee and substitute it with water instead. Doing this makes your coffee “Americano” or espresso-style.
  • Use a steamer. Food can be cooked using different cooking equipment and tools and if you are conscious about calorie-intake, you can easily get rid of the unnecessary calories by cooking a lot of your food in a steamer. It does not need oil, making it healthier, but you can still enjoy it. Steaming is good for rice, fish and vegetables.
  • Switch to low fat dairy. Dairy is fattening but a lot of the food you eat requires the use of dairy so it is not easy to avoid. What you can do is to substitute the dairy you take in with a low-fat alternative.
  • Combine potatoes with another mashable vegetable. Potatoes taste good and mashed potato is a popular side dish, but it is also high in calories. If you want to cut the calorie content of your mashed potatoes, you can try to combine the potatoes with another healthier vegetable, like turnips. It is important that you choose a vegetable that has relatively no flavor, so that it does not overpower the potatoes.
  • Snack nutritiously. Snacking is the downfall of most people. Snacking in between meals is a problem for many, but if you can substitute your snacks for something healthier like vegetables, fruits, or crackers, you can cut your calorie-intake by a mile.

What not to do!

Cutting calories can be quite tricky. Eating is pleasurable for a lot of people and much of the experience that people enjoy with food can be lost when you take out certain ingredients. However, if you know how to effectively substitute high calorie ingredients for healthier ones, saving calories can be simpler and more enjoyable.